Welcome to banafrica Foreign languages services: Our language service, has a range categories including: Interpretation, Translating, Transcribing and proof reading

Languages services

Interpreting (Lip translation and sign language)

Banafrica interpreting is done in differents categories as listed below:

  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Mostly used in small meetings, small conferences and court cases.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Genarally used in large meetings, large conferences and
  • Phone Interpretation
  • Its one on one or one to many interpretation.
  • Video remote interpratation
  • With web-access video solution getting more advanced lately, Banafrica is setting video remote interpretation solutions which will enable voice and video conference, and group collaboration sessions between client representatives.


Our translation services is provided in 100+ languages. It includes Document Translation, Software and Website Localization, Multilingual Desktop Publishing, Voice Talent, Video Captioning and Subtitling, and Linguistic Name Evaluation


We make sure the quality of our work is high as in our linguists, we have exceptional word-processing skills and pay meticulous attention to detail. All transcriptions are carefully reviewed and proofread prior to the final submittal.

Proof reading

The process of professional proofreading is a highly technical skill which is carried out in all kinds of work from academic textbooks to novels to instruction manuals. If your work is going to be published then it is crucial that it goes through the proofreading stage.

Voice overs

We provide with artists providing our artists with sample scripts and professionally recorded samples so that they can hear how the script should be done.

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